Around 20-30 participants joined our event during the Social Erasmus Week. We called our Social Erasmus Day „A green message“ and had help from two volunteers working as Green Messengers at HI Hostels Iceland. ESN Iceland took care of the organisation of the event. The students (and all other participants) had the chance to learn how to create christmas decoration and paper bags out of old newspaper. Other students made their own candles out of wax which had been collected from small candles in the HI Hostels. Furthermore we were reusing old plastic bags and showed how to knit whit plastic to create shopping bags out of it. The event started at 7 pm and the participants were highly motivated to learn and do more, until we started cleaning up and had to end the event at half past 11 pm! ESN Iceland is very proud of the creativity of the students and fabulous outcome of the event. The students were enjoying learning from others and teaching others as well. Thanks for your participation and the help of the Green Messengers!