Welcome to Iceland!

ESN will organize events an parties for you during the semester and offers trips (for example a trip to Akureyri, kayaking, fishing trip) during the semester.

ESN will be selling ESNcards during the orientation weeks in both universities (University of Iceland and Reykjavik University).
The ESNcard provides several disounts and is valid for a year, you can check out all partners and offers europe wide here:
With the ESNcard beer is available in our partner bars for 490 isk (until 1:00).

The ESNcard costs 2.500 isk.
We also offer NOVA sim cards together with an ESNcard for 3.500 isk. NOVA is a phone provides used by most foreign students. All NOVA users can call and sms for free. Your sim card will come with 1.000 isk balance!

We are currently planning our next pub quiz and the welcome party, so get ready for it!

To stay tuned please check our webpage www.esn.is, facebook: https://www.facebook.com/esn.iceland/ and make friendship with "Reykja Viktor", who will invite you to all our events!

Enjoy your stay in Iceland, if you have any questions, contact Reykja Viktor!

Bye, ESN Iceland