Please send a CV + short motivation letter for the position you are interested in to: 
Deadline to apply: 12:00, Saturday 1st October
Mandate if elected: 2nd October-30th May

Training available for all positions
Elections will be October 1st in the evening, if you are available to attend the National Platform where elections will be held, please specify that in your application

Core Board:
a. National Representative

b. President
c. Treasurer

Committee Chair Board
d. Social (Event) Chair
e. Communication Chair
f. Partnership Chair
g. IT Chair
h. Adventure Chair


a. National representative
The National Representative (NR) represents ESN Iceland towards the ESN International level.
Such representation includes, but is not limited to,
•    attend at least two Council of National Representatives (CNR) meetings
•    attend the Annual General Meeting which will takes place in April each year
•    actively promote ESN International projects and events to the local and national level
•    keep contact with the Icelandic National Agency
•    voice ESN Icelands needs and opinions to the CNR
•    actively maintain the e-mail account 
The NR maintains

Perfect for someone with an international background and good networking skills

b. President
•    manage the team of volunteers and chairs in Iceland
•    organise board meetings and make sure tasks are being completed and delegating tasks
•    work closely with NR and treasurer on the needs of ESN Iceland
•    keep close contact with the two local section boards 
The President maintains

Perfect for someone with managerial skills and experience running/working with a student council

c. Treasurer
Manage ESN Iceland’s bank account and take care of ESN Iceland’s finances
•    board reimbursements
•    deal with financial part of partner negotiations, if relevant 
•    regular updates on the financial status during board meetings 
•    ESNcard orders and payments to international level
•    works closely with Partnership Committee chair to work on financing
•    manage the budget and accounting

d. Social Committee Chair
The Social committee chair is responsible for leading the organisation of social activities in central Reykjavik. Examples of such activities include the
•    Welcome party
•    Reykjavik City Race
•    Christmas dinner
•    Bollu- og Sprengidagsveisla
•    Þorrablót
•    SocialErasmus project
•    Erasmus in schools
The Social committee chair maintains and has a general overview of all clubs

e. Communication Committee Chair
Be the voice of ESN Iceland in social media and manage our communication channels, such as our: 
•    Facebook page - Posting interesting links and answering questions from exchange students received through the page. Although our page has only 1.8k likes, our most popular post to date reached 18.000 people.
•    ESN Page - Post small news briefs on events or projects 
•    Survival guide - Practical information for incoming international students
•    Twitter page - Post about what the board is up to on local events and abroad
•    Instagram page - Take and post pictures from events to share with our students
•    Occasionally sending out news briefs to local media 
•    Be the voice of Reykja Viktor and maintain his facebook page
•    Share posts from the international level which are relevant to our students
The Communication committee chair maintains, joins the National Communication Managers and administrates the ESN Photography Club Iceland.

Perfect for a friendly, social person with good writing skills and a strong grasp of English.

f. Partnership Committee Chair
The Partnership committee chair works on all partnerships of ESN Iceland. 
•    Maintain contact and renew contracts with old partners
•    Acquire new partners and deals
•    Maintain and list of partners and make sure information is up to date and accurate
•    Work with treasurer on alternate ways to finance ESN Iceland, especially through partners
•    Help look for Vísindaferðir
The Social committee chair maintains and is the responsible for the ESNcard project

Perfect for someone with a marketing, sales or business background though not necessary, especially if skilled at negotiation. 

g. IT Committee Chair
The IT committee is in charge of all technical aspects of our organisation, including administering, assist with buddy pairing and managing our growing directory of documents and media images.
•    Work with Communication Committee on the background stuff required for them to upload their content
•    Follow IT developments of the network
•    Revamp our current website 

The IT committee chair maintains

Perfect for someone with good technical skills willing to put his knowledge to use for a greater cause.

f. Adventure Committee Chair
The Adventure committee chair is responsible for leading the organisation of outdoor activities in the vast landscapes of Iceland, such as
•    River rafting in Jökulsá Eystri
•    Þórsmörk hike
•    Akureyri ski trip
•    Deep sea angling
•    Your own ideas for affordable trips for the students!
The Adventures committee chair maintains and administrates ESN Travelers Club Iceland

Perfect for a lover of nature and traveling, experience with hiking is a plus.

We look forward to receiving your applications!