ESN invites you to our traditional icelandic christmas bread carving (laufabrauð).

On Sunday 6th of december we are going to have a cozy christmas event in Loft Hostel from 15-17! 
There we will offer christmas music, hot cocoa and tradional icelandic bread cutting. Leaf bread or laufabrauð is eaten at christmas with the christmas dinner and the most beautiful bread you can hang up as decoration!

Since we cannot provide an endless amount of equipment please bring along a small sharp knife and a cutting board if you can. But if not, we will have regular knives for the more basic patterns. 
ESN will show you how to do the cutting and bake them for you.

We will sell 2 breads for 300 ISK (please bring coins/cash!) 

We hope to see you on Sunday between 15 and 17 at Loft Hostel (4th floor, reception/bar).

ESN Iceland


When: sunday, 6th of december 15:00-17:00

Where: Loft Hostel, Bankastræti 7