Do you love photography? So do we! Since last fall, we have had an active photography club on Facebook, ESN RVK Photography. The group is for beginners and experts alike to shamelessly share their most amazing photos.

For the first two weeks in March, we are hosting a winter themed photo contest. You may submit up to three photos, each with a catchy caption along with any of the tags ‪#‎hálka‬ (e. slippery ice), ‪#‎klaki‬ (e. ice cube/rock), ‪#‎norðurljós (e. northern lights)‬, ‪#‎vetur‬ (e. winter), ‪#‎snjór‬ (e. snow), ‪#‎kallt‬ (e. cold) and ‪#‎ís‬ (e. ice cream). All students, local and international, are welcome to participate.