Hey everyone! Are you interested in a new and unique way to make friends and exercise your brain? Are you familiar with the “Escape the Room” trend that’s been growing around the world? Do you think you have what it takes to be a team play and problem solver all at once?
Well then we have the opportunity for you! This Saturday, November 12th ESN Iceland is organizing a group trip to Reykjavik Escape! We’ll be locked in a themed room at 6pm without computers, phones or any other means of communication and only our wits and collective brain power to find our way out in 60 minutes or less. It’s truly a mind-boggling interactive puzzle and a chance to experience something in real life that you can usually only experience in movies and TV. Come out and help us solve this puzzle that can only be solved with the power of YOUR brain!

The price will be about kr. 4390, with the possibility of a drop in price if enough people sign up. So gather a few friends, or come on your own and make new puzzle-solving buddies there. To sign up visit us at http://bit.ly/2f3OrVt and for more information about Reykjavik Escape visit their website at http://www.reykjavikescape.com/! Hope to see you there!

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